The Seyhoun Gallery was founded over forty years ago in Tehran by the painter Massoumeh Noushin Seyhoun, former student and wife of Houshang Seyhoun, Dean of the School of Fine Arts and Architecture at Tehran University and one of Iran’s leading artists and architects. Since founding her gallery Mrs. Seyhoun has presented and promoted virtually all the leading figures in contemporary Iranian Art, such as Sohrab Sephri, Faramarz Pilaram, Massoud Arabshahi, Maryam Javaheri, the miniaturist Susanabadi, the calligrapher Reza Mafi, the prominent calligraphic abstractionist Hossein Zenderoudi, and self-taught “outsider” artists such as painter Mokkarameh and sculptor Esmail.

During the 1960s and especially 1970s the Gallery Seyhoun was a locus for International artist visiting in Iran, entertaining and exhibiting such figures as Andy Warhol (in 1976). Although the cultural climate changed drastically after the revolution, and Massoumeh Seyhoun was even jailed for a year, she re-opened her gallery and has since re-dedicated her program to Iranian artists. Mrs Seyhoun has thus kept lit the beacon of artistic enlightenment in Tehran even under the most stringent conditions.

Late in 2004, Maryam Seyhoun, daughter of Massoumeh and Houshang Seyhoun, opened an outpost of Tehran’s Gallery Seyhoun in Los Angeles. Estabishing herself on upper Melrose Avenue, in the heart of West Hollywod’s gallery district, Maryam Seyhoun has commenced a changing exhibition program of contemporary Iranian Art, including many of the famous and the still-emerging artists with whom her mother has worked. These artists are based both in Iran and outside, including in Los Angeles itself , site of the largest Iranian community outside the borders of Iran. It is both this large and vibrant community and the Los Angeles, and American, art and audience in general that Maryam Seyhoun addresses with her changing schedule of Iran-based and expatriate Iranian artists.

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